We Appreciate Your Support

My dearest friends & family,

A week ago, my sweet cousin, Trang Pham and I started an online store called Hathorway, selling the exquisite, bold, statement jewelry and accessories.

Trang & Jessica in Nha Trang, Vietnam

Trang & Jessica in Nha Trang, Vietnam

It’s not just any jewelry and accessories; but items handmade by artisans and craftsmen in Vietnam and crafted using horns of water buffaloes. Don’t worry, it’s not illegal. Think of it as leather; the buffaloes are never harvested for just their leather and horns.

We created Hathorway for a few reason:

  • We wanted to share Vietnam’s beautiful resources with the rest of the world

  • We wanted to support and empower the artisans in Vietnam

  • And ultimately, we want to invoke courage, spirit and resilience in every woman. (We’re still figuring it out this one, but we’ll begin this amongst ourselves.)

It’s been a week now. And within one week, we created our website and our Etsy store offering over 60 unique product. It looks like have enough to get going as Trang is spearheading the business and operation side and I will be leading my passion—the brand and creative direction.

There’s a lot that we want to do, but we know we can’t do everything ourselves. It will be a bumpy journey unless we have your support.

There are several ways we invite you to support us. You could:

  • Follow our journey on Hathorway’s Facebook and/or our Twitter to create a bit of momentum on the various social networks

  • Share Hathorway.com with with your friends and family to get our names out there

  • Make a purchase at Hathorway’s Etsy Store and witness the beauty of our product

    Thank you for your continuous love & support,

    P.S. Want to know the story behind our name? Here is why we named our brand Hathorway.