How is selling jewelry from slaughtered animal parts empowering women?


The other day we received a great question from a lady in California. She asked us how selling jewelry from parts of slaughtered animals is empowering women. We messaged her back with a super long message. After her message, we thought it’ll be even better to share it on Hathorway to create transparency within brand.

Here’s what we are doing over at Hathorway:

Empowering people in Vietnam

For a country like Vietnam that has very little, they make the best with what they have—leaving nothing to waste. While some buffalo horns naturally shed like human nails and hair, some are harvested when the buffaloes are slaughtered for their meat. The meat provides food for their families and food throughout the country. For that reason, nothing of the animal goes to waste; the skin is used for leather while the horns and bones for jewelry and accessories.

These resources also provide families in Vietnam with a living wage to support their family, send their children to school, provide them with their everyday needs and all the things we tend to take for granted in America. This is how we are empowering the people in Vietnam.

Empowering women

Judith Rasband once said, “the way we dress affects the way we think, they way we feel, the way we act and the way others react to us.” It has the power to control a lot of how we feel on the inside. And like clothing and makeup, jewelry makes a woman look good, therefore makes her feel good.

Even though all of this may be an exterior mask; it is a mask that hides her insecurities and unwanted flaws to make her beautiful and confident on the inside. We all know, confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can wear. All in all, we want to help women feel and be confident and empowered like the Ancient Egyptian goddess, Hathor.

Empowering ourselves

As a brand, our aspiration is to invoke courage, spirit and resilience in women. This is something we are figuring out, so we are starting this within ourselves. The reason we are starting it within ourselves is because we must cultivate our personal life before we can help others.

We are doing this by having the courage to follow our dreams. We all have dreams and sometimes are dreams are our calling and purpose. One of us wants to be a fashion designer, the other wants to travel and see the whole world. Hathorway will give us this opportunity to start somewhere; and along the way, we’ll both experience an amazing sisterhood together.

To some, it might seem far-fetched for Hathorway to empower women, but it’s an aspiration. Dreams do come true; we believe we’ll get there with time by cultivating our personal lives first.

Be strong & beautiful — inside & out,
Trang & Jessica