A Framework to our Hathorway Empire


Earlier this week, we shared our thought process on what inspires our brand in Brainstorming with Hathorway. We all know great brands take years to build like Apple, Virgin America, Whole Foods, Chanel and many more. And we know Hathorway cannot be defined overnight, because it’s not how we define it, but how our customers define us.

While we’re heads down thinking about the brand, we wanted to share our Hathorway’s branding direction. By breaking down what we offer, we’re able to capture how we want our customers to feel. From there, we’re able to capture how our brand should look like.

What do we offer

Genuine buffalo horns

Hathorway offers jewelry and accessories crafted with 100% natural horns of water buffaloes in Vietnam, the largest member of the Bovini tribe found in Southeast Asia.

Quality handmade products

We carefully hand-select our jewelry and accessories for its impressive and stunning handmade quality. Quality is a value we refuse to negotiate on because everyone deserves the absolute best.

Remarkable customer service

A great customer service experience is simply the Golden Rule. James Cash Penney once said, “The Golden Rule finds no limit of application in business.” This entails honesty, respect and empathy amongst our customers.

How do we want our customers to feel

While our ultimate vision at Hathorway is to invoke courage, spirit and resilience in every woman, we want our customers to feel a certain way when stumbling upon Hathorway. We want you to feel:


Inspired and enlightened through our quality and creativity in our product, service and overall brand.


Insightful as we educate you about our product and our inspirations for you to share with others.


Unique because each of our jewelry and accessories will never be exactly the same. Every horn is unique with its different color and pattern.

These are qualities that make every woman empowered.

So, what should we look like

We then translated these feelings into how Hathorway should look like. Hathorway will look:

Spirited & Vibrant

Being inspired looks spirited and vibrant. It's full of energy and life.

Worldly & Sophisticated

Being insightful looks worldly and sophisticated. It’s earthly and cultivated.

Confident & Courageous

Being unique looks confident and courageous. It’s one of a kind.

At the moment, all of these are just words waiting to take action. But it allows us to have a framework and scaffold to build our Hathorway empire. Until then, you can continue to follow our journey on:

Be strong & beautiful — inside & out,
Trang & Jessica